Good Stewardship in Small Business Owners

Smiling businesswoman pointing at light bulb on chalkboard

People discover too late that launching a new business is not a quick financial fix. Things can go wrong in a flash, and you must constantly be prepared with ideas and procedures to keep the dream alive.

Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins recently said this:

“One of the least referenced qualities, but most important traits of a CEO, is stewardship. Leading with selfless service, a mind toward sustainability, creating an inclusive environment.”

Leadership qualities are traits that distinguish good leaders in the workplace. These qualities enable you to lead people and projects to success, whether you’re in charge of a team, a department, or an entire corporation. Soft skills, rather than technical expertise or industry-specific experience, are the most significant leadership abilities, making leadership features important in practically every occupation.

One of the defining characteristics of an entrepreneur is that they take the required steps to establish a company that will continue to make money even when they are not working. Do you believe you have what it takes to be your own boss and carve your own path as an entrepreneur?

Todd Collins a Business owner from Charlotte, NC shares this piece of advice:

“Entrepreneurs have a crucial role in the economy. They contribute to growth by taking chances on new ideas. The chances of success aren’t great, yet if they make it, many others will feel encouraged to move forward with their idea for a business.”

Todd Collins is an accomplished businessman, investor, and philanthropist who is dedicated to transforming Charlotte, NC one business at a time. As CEO and founder of Red Hill Capital and Red Hill Ventures, Todd Collins has invested in many local businesses, strengthening diversity and promoting innovation in the Charlotte, NC business sector.