Wealth Is Never About Money

Black and white signpost with the words Health, Wealth and Happiness against a blue cloudy sky.

Here’s a statement you don’t hear very often: Wealth has nothing to do with money! Strange concept isn’t it? So, what does wealth mean to you? What thoughts do you have in your Belief System that need to be challenged? Let’s go over a few basics to begin with:

Why wealth is never about the money

What is it about?

How do we make debt the enemy?

Ways to put you in control of your money

We spend a great amount of time and hard work searching for wealth and this can be a real waste of time for many of us. That’s because in our search for wealth, we can easily lose our focus and forget the things that truly make us wealthy.

It sometimes takes people 30 years to learn that true happiness is a priceless commodity. How many rich and famous people have self-destructed? Why weren’t they happy? We’ve had young, good-looking successful entertainers who have committed suicide. It seems like, if money would make you happy, then this would never happen…right?

No matter what it looks like from the outside, wealth is rarely what we’re seeking. We want something intrinsic that grounds us and makes us feel alive. Working all the time won’t do that. And neither will be being deeply in debt. Those things will steal your joy and peace of mind so avoid them, which is what you could learn about at Golden Touch by Zhang Xinyue.

At Golden Touch retreats, we help you find the path to create abundance while preserving your joy and peace of mind. Our teachers and mentors will help you let go of limiting behaviors so you can find the road to true wealth. Come join us soon for our next Golden Touch retreat in a major city like Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur or Milan, Italy.