Why you need a construction consultant

A construction claim, at its more basic, is a request for more time or money from the construction contractor for completion of the project. The reason behind the request could be due to a change in circumstance, a change in the contract, or changes to the details of the project. Understand that you should carefully check each claim before approval. According to Lyle Charles Consulting, The claims themselves can be quite complicated, and you will need someone with the expertise to ensure that the claim has merit.

You will need a construction consultant for several reasons:


A lot of construction claims are complicated affairs, and it takes someone with experience in the industry and with claims to look at its merits. A good consultant will possess experience in several fields including project costing, change orders, cost escalation, damages, etc.


The problem with a lot of legal documents is that often they are written in a way that only another lawyer or expert will understand. Don’t try and make sense of the document if it contains a lot of technical jargon. Instead, hire a good construction consultant immediately.


Just like in any industry, the construction industry maintains a set of standards. However, they also change regularly, and you need someone active in the industry who knows what changes will affect the claims you get.


The only way to get a good outcome in a negotiation is to rely on someone with experience to handle it on your behalf. When someone tries to negotiate themselves with an experienced party, the outcome is never good.