Actionable Reforms that Both Political Parties Support

It is unfortunate that the political landscape in America has only given a major voice to the two most prominent political parties, the Democratic and the Republican parties. That being the case, many voters feel locked into a binary choice based on certain issues. However, there are still proposed reforms that garner support from people of different political persuasions.

The issues that independents and members of both major political parties agree on may surprise you. Market research company and political survey company John Zogby Strategies conducted a recent survey that painted a fascinating picture of the issues that voters agree on. Regardless of which party or ideology they identified with, 83% of the survey’s respondents supported mandating term limits for federal bureaucrats, Congress members, and senators. 87% of respondents also supported removing money from corporate PACs from campaigns and elections, limiting corporate influence on the electoral process.

Furthermore, 78% of respondents overall (72% of Independents, 79% of Republicans, and 80% of Democrats) supported requiring high-level federal bureaucrats to wear body cams at work, similar to many police officers. At this moment, this suggestion may not be feasible as the other two, but it is a telling indicator of people’s general attitudes. Both this survey question and the previous question on term limits show the overall attitude of distrust in the government, regardless of political persuasion. The survey question on corporate PACs also shows the overall distrust for corporate interference in government affairs.

Today, common ground can seem rare, but finding common ground between people of different political persuasions can be the first step to enacting lasting change.