Communicate More Effectively With these Tips from Javier Loya

In business, effective communication means being a good listener as well as commanding attention. Are you someone who is emotionally perceptive, or do you find yourself talking down to those you feel are beneath you? Your attitude means a lot in this equation and with this advice you’ll shift your thinking and become a more effective communicator. We spoke to Javier Loya, CEO and Founder of OTC Global Holdings and he had the following tips for us:

On Language and Writing, Javier Loya stated:

“A good leader is effective at both speaking and writing and finds email and written communication as essential as spoken instruction. Being effective in speaking and writing takes practice. You can start with more succinct wording, but it helps to try and set limits on your own communication.

Try writing emails no longer than five lines or creating agendas for meetings so no one exceeds his or her time. You can even try to refocus your language so you’re using shorter and punchier words.”

On Confidence and Attitude, Javier Loya stated:

“Confidence is everything and your attitude plays an important role in getting your point across. It’s the difference between talking to someone who feels they know it all and someone who wants to engage with you. One feels more rewarding than the other, so the question becomes: which person are you?

Try and lead with the confidence you have for your own ideas. Have trust that you and your peers will understand one another, that they can grasp your ideas and you theirs. Don’t talk down to others and encourage open discussion.

Be thankful and spread positivity.”

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