Consider Rattan Furniture for Your Office

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Using rattan furniture in the office is a possibility many may not have considered. For office décor, the trend has been modern, rigid, and ergonomic styles. But there may be good reasons for trying something out of the ordinary when it comes to office furniture.

Rattan furniture is made from the rattan plants found in tropical areas such as several Southeast Asian countries. Rattan furniture is famous for its gentle, elegant, and artistic designs. The caned shapes and curves of rattan furniture are stylish without being too ostentatious or showy. This makes them more suitable for offices than other types of furniture that are too bold and distracting for office use.

You might be wondering if there is an advantage to using such aesthetically pleasing office furniture. It turns out that there are several advantages to investing in good office décor. According to a survey by Clutch, a majority of workers valued an aesthetically pleasing workplace over other workplace benefits, including a good community and learning opportunities. In light of this, aesthetically pleasing furniture can play a role in employee retention and morale. Furthermore, research has shown that aesthetically pleasing office décor can increase productivity by 15 percent.

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