How Cloud-based EDI Provides Even More Advantages

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Before current technologies were invented, the process of exchanging transaction information between business partners was rudimentary and inefficient. The technologies used to perform EDI, or electronic data interchange, revolutionized communication between business partners. As new technologies emerge and develop, the field of EDI also continues to advance and provide new opportunities for businesses in the 21st century. Cloud-based EDI is one of the new ways EDI has recently evolved.

Traditional EDI methods usually involve exchanging data using common EDI standards. The software used can be somewhat rigid in its capabilities. Traditional EDI software does not scale to meet growing businesses’ needs, and it can be more difficult to use traditional EDI software if you have many business partners. However, cloud-based EDI services such as ACT Data’s Connectpointz offer features such as standardizing orders from all of your sales channels, along with standardizing inventory and tracking from all of your vendors. No matter how many trading partners you have, cloud-based EDI makes all of your transaction information easy to track.

Some businesses may be okay with traditional EDI methods at first, but if you need a more reliable and efficient solution for your growing list of business deals, consider switching to cloud-based EDI for its more flexible options. ACT Data offers cloud-based services along with other high-quality EDI solutions. Whether you’re just joining the EDI trend or your business is scaling quickly, find out why ACT Data has been a trusted partner of global brands such as Amazon, Gap, Target, and Verizon. Contact them today at 1-800-228-3282 or by email at