Should You Decline Rental Car Insurance that is Offered?

Summary: Rental car coverage is an important thing to consider, especially when traveling internationally.

You’re currently overseas on a vacation and about to rent a car. You decide to decline the additional insurance and believe that you are saving money and because your credit card offers rental coverage.

However, you might be making a mistake.

Although some credit cards offer some form of auto rental insurance, it’s important that you understand the primary coverage offered by your credit card. Because, you may still need more, especially when traveling internationally.

Discuss Your Coverage

Primary rental coverage is offered by various credit cards as part of their benefits. This means, the card would pay in the event of an accident and you could avoid getting your auto insurance company involved.

But, that may not be the exact same thing that the rental agent is offering with the agreement. You may be asked to opt for a loss damage waiver or collision damage waiver. If you decide to go with this option, if your car is damaged or stolen, the rental company will likely waive any costs associated.

Learn About the Exceptions

Every credit card has its own restriction and policies, and insurance criteria may differ depending on the location that you’re traveling to. For example, some credit cards may provide primary rental coverage, but you need to enroll and play a flat fee beforehand. Needless to say, you won’t be covered unless you activate this through your credit card first. Some countries may require all foreign renters to include a collision damage waiver when signing their agreement. Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC recommends that you perform the necessary research before your trip so you can obtain the appropriate coverage.

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