Why You Should Replace Your Office Furniture Cushions

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Has your office break area seen better days? Maybe there’s a worn-out couch or chair in the corner that’s been used for many years. It’s been said that sofas only last between 7 to 15 years. The wear and tear of supporting people’s weight can break down cushion filling, making it flat, saggy, and uncomfortable. In the worst cases, misshapen cushions can cause back pain when people sit on them for a long time.

Furthermore, office furniture cushions that have not been replaced for a long time may contain dust mites and other allergens that can be a nuisance to employees with allergies. Part of making sure employees are productive is addressing their needs and looking after their well being. Experts have pointed out that employees that are happy and treated well work better. Getting replacement cushions is a necessary practice for maintaining good office hygiene and making sure your employees have a productive working environment.

Luckily, companies such as Wicker Paradise sell replacement cushions. Their selection includes replacement cushions for specific furniture products and custom cushions whose shapes can be customized. If you want to order a custom cushion, you just need to measure your furniture’s dimensions before choosing the right width and depth options on their website.

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